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Meet T.L. Murray

WHO IS "T.L.?"

T.L. Murray

Tight deadline?  No problem.  I'm here to help.  I can work independently from my broadcast-quality home studio, you can direct me here via phone patch (i.e. Google Voice, Source Connect, ipDTL)or we can conduct an ISDN session at a Nashville studio. Spotland Productions is my favorite!  Let's talk. 

—T.L. Murray

T.L. Murray is a trained broadcast professional with a communication degree and a background in the arts, higher education, banking, human resources, and marketing.  Having offered voice-over services to select clients for many years, she departed the regional marketing team of one of the country's largest cable/phone/internet providers in 2011 to become a full-time voice talent.  


Daily, she is honored to meet the needs of  production houses, ad agencies, text book companies, museums and small businesses, as well as those of enterprise and government clients. Unafraid to travel the extra mile, she seeks to garner 110% client satisfaction. With a clear understanding that clients are in need of more than a voice, she offers efficiency, quick turnaround and unwavering professionalism to her clients.  

In addition to being a v/o talent, TL Murray is a writer whose works have been featured in print publications, art exhibitions, and jazz festivals since 1999.  Jazz is a constant theme in her work and she has performed poetic works in association with Tennessee's Franklin Arts Festival.  In 1999 her poetry was among pieces dramatized by the Virginia Actors' Theatre, for inclusion in a visual art exhibition hosted by William King Regional Arts Center, in association with Blackside Productions', "I'll Make Me a World" project.  


Her poetry has appeared in journals such as (ACE) DialogueLimestone Circle and Ancient Paths, as well as in online journals and magazines such as Tourist 2000, Muse It and Canada's doobop magazine.  Recently her work has appeared in The Briar Cliff Review and In The Arts Magazine.  In addition to preparing for the release of a poetry collection, she is in the midst of writing her first novel, an historical fantasy offering tentatively titled, Out of the Blue.  

An arts advocate and enthusiast who has served on a variety of arts boards and non-profit organizations, T.L. Murray has represented and booked both visual and musical artists since 1998. 

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